Cancer biomarkers

Working with the NCI Division of Cancer Prevention, I helped write a review article: Dunn, B.K., Jegalian, K., Greenwald, P. Biomarkers for Early Detection and as Surrogate Endpoints in Cancer Prevention Trials: Issues and Opportunities. In Senn, Hans-Jorg, Otto, F. (Eds.):  Clinical Cancer Prevention. Recent Results in Cancer Research  (Schlag, P.M, Senn, H.-J., Series Editors); 188: 21-64.  Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 2011.

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Articles for Terp


While living in College Park, Maryland, I wrote a few feature articles for Terp, the magazine of the University of Maryland:

Engineering Meets Nature (Fall 2008, cover story) – about how engineers take inspiration from nature in guiding design, especially of vehicles.

The Innocent Age (Spring 2008) – about how research using babies can give a glimpse into human nature at its most elemental.

Global Warming Ahead (Spring 2007) – about the inevitable.

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“Personalized medicine” for the brain

Recently, I attended a symposium on how to integrate available knowledge about the brain and “brain disorders” and wrote a 2-page call to action based on the experience, which the meeting organizers later published. The workshop was organized by a company in Australia that built a database that tries to relate biological information to conditions like depression and anxiety.

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Stetten Lecture

From 2004 through 2010, I wrote about the biologists invited to give the Stetten Lecture at the National Institutes of Health. In 2009, the prestigious lecture was delivered by a woman who studies how bacteria communicate.

Past speakers talked about their research on how to curb the inflammatory response and stem cell regulation, among other things.

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Cancer genome workshops

In June 2009, I covered the second scientific workshop of the International Cancer Genome Consortium, held in Cambridge, England. ICGC brings together genome data from around the world for many different cancer types. In its first few meetings, the consortium worked to promote collaboration by harmonizing policies among projects and figuring out how to establish coordinated access to data from its dozens of projects. [The report.]

I also wrote a report on the first scientific workshop of the ICGC, held November 2008 in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Image gallery

For a client at NIH, I produced an image gallery for public use. The gallery gathers an array of photos, illustrations, and videos that relate to biomedical science. The images can be downloaded for free for educational or other nonprofit use. [Total entries when I handed off this job in May 2012: 458.]

A sample image

Mapping brain differences

This representation of the human brain attempts to show neurological differences between two people. Image from the lab of Arthur Toga, UCLA.

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Profiles of researchers

The Division of Research at the University of Maryland asked me to write profiles of 17 researchers from 2006 to 2008 (scroll down to the Archives to click on links to the beautifully formatted pieces). The profiles cover a wide range of subjects, from biology to language research, earth science to food safety.

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I am a biologist with 15 years of experience as a science writer both for the general public and for scientists. I received a Ph.D. in biology from MIT and graduated from the UC Santa Cruz science writing program. I have written about a wide range of science topics for newspapers, magazines, university publications, the National Institutes of Health, journals, and collaborative research groups, and have received several science writing awards. I have also written and consulted for biotech companies. This site collects some samples of my work.

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